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BPI overshot TYVEK card 12ga .005"/.63"dia.

Art.nr: BPITY58
På lager: 11


Antall pr pakke: 500

Tyvek Overshot Discs as overshot cards are ideal for magnum steel shot loads. They confine pellets within the shotcup. Tyvek discs are also placed on the base of the shotcup, significantly reducing the chance of pellets imbedding into the wad, thus improving patterns and pellet counts.

At a mere .005", our Tyvek UltraThin Overshot are the thinnest overshot cards in the world. They work in tight-fit situations when there is no room for thicker cards. They are also flexible and work well as a shotcup liner to prevent pellets from embedding. Ideal to seal in buffers.

Thickness = 0.005"

Approx. diameter: .63"